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Tuesday, December 21, 2004:

Merry Almost-Christmas! I'm looking forward to Christmas and I hope I get a lot of presents! We had our Christmas party in school today. We've been busy shopping for presents and sending a lot of Christmas cards. Hope you're on the Nice List!

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Thursday, October 14, 2004:

Hi! I am going on a field trip for school, then I'm going to have two days off. Then we're going to have a Halloween party at school. I like Halloween! It's fun to dress up in a costume and go trick or treating. We bought a bunch of Halloween candy, but we've already eaten most of it.

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Friday, August 06, 2004:

Happy Birthday to me!! It's my birthday today. Here is a picture of a birthday cake:

Today I am eight years old and I went to the race track tonight. I went to my grandparents' house too. Anybody want to send me a present? I got a new bike today. I did pretty well at the race track, too. I won three times out of five races.

Well, bye for now.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004:

We've had cousins staying with us. Their names are Michael and Sam, and they were here last week. Tomorrow, more cousins are coming here. The next day we're going to Watertown, South Dakota, for a wedding. Another of my cousins is getting married. So I'll be seeing a lot of cousins! The cousins who are coming tomorrow are Andrew and Mark.

My birthday is on August 6. So you may want to send me a present!

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Monday, July 05, 2004:

hey! Lately, I have been watching alot of the channel TLC's "A Makeover Story." This is a really cool T.V. show, centered around doing (what else!!) makeovers! If you haven't seen the show already, you should watch it sometime. First, they take a look in the 2 people's closets. This cn be very scary, because usually the people have one recurring fashion problem. Some common problems: "Stuck in the eighties", "showing too much skin for a mother", "all jeans no dressy", and my favorite "The too many miss-matched patterns." (its surprising how many people think stripes go well with floral patterns or polka dots....) Then they move on to shopping. The people seperately go to the salon, and get their hair, make-up, and nails done. This is the part i like the most, because you can see the difference the most. Then at the end they get to see eachother. (there is usually lots of screaming and crying at this part.) Yous should watch this show!!!
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ok i have a question and if anyone knows the answer, please e-mail it to me at ok here is the question~
~Is it possible to get a cold in the summertime??? (and if so... why do they call it a cold???)

Thanx for any answers!!!

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Happy fourth of july!!! (a day late....) Ususally we find ourselves out of town on Independence Day, but this year we were at home! we went to the city parade in the afternoon, which i havent been to in a long time. it was really fun, but really hot outside. there were lots of floats, and alot of kids from various activities. This year i also found that the Shriners have upgraded themselves from driving little motorycles to driving high-powered go-karts. When we got home we waited for it to get dark, and then set off some of our own fireworks. I wish there were more fireworks legal in Minnesota, though. My family loves fireworks, and we usually set off as many explosives as we can! We can only do this when we are at my grandparents house for the 4th of july, because they live in South Dakota. If you didnt know already, you can set off pretty much anything in South Dakota and they wouldnt care. This year, we mostly had to set off the little fountains and firecrackers. A little juvenile, but at least they were legal. In South Dakota the ones we set off are considered "Kiddie Corner" material. They are stil fun to watch though!!
In the evening, we went to the city fireworks display. The fireworks this year were really good!! There were lots of red white and blue themed fireworks, and many other colorful ones.
Well I hope you had a great Independence Day!!!

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Friday, July 02, 2004:

This week has been a really fun and packed week! On Tuesday, I went to a friend's house for awhile and then we went to Valleyfair for the afternoon! Puppykid and athdancer are more adventurous when it comes to rides than I am. Puppykid is not quite tall enough for some of the rides, but athdancer went on a few ones you would have to hold a gun to my head to get me to go on!! It was warm and sunny and a lot of fun! On Wednesday, I babysat in the morning (a 3 day old baby, which was fun), and then my friend's mom picked me up and took me, my friend, and my friend's sister to the mall. We shopped for awhile, and then headed back to their house. Another one of our friends came over later and we went swimming. We had a sleepover and all spent Thursday at the barn. Everyone had riding lessons and we just hung out. It was lots of fun. Today was Friday and I cleaned my room and the bathroom most of the day. This weekend is 4th of July weekend. We usually head out to our grandparent's house, but since we are going out there in a few weeks, we're just staying home and going to the parade here, I think. Well, I'm gonna go now~~

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Sunday, June 27, 2004:

Hi! Today is Sunday, so we went to church this morning. It's kind of rainy today...Not too nice out. It's been cold for the past 2 weeks...Basically all of our summer vacation so far. It is kind of weird how the last 2 weeks of school were so nice and warm, and the second we got out, it was freezing. Anyway, today I am hanging out for awhile and then going to ride my horse, Rebel. I'm hoping some of the other girls will be out there, too. It's always fun when other people are there, but It's also nice to go alone because it usually takes less time, and you get more serious practicing in. Then, I think I'm going to come home and swim for awhile, or maybe do something with a friend. Summer is so nice because there's no homework and every day is like a Saturday. This week is pretty low-key also. I'm getting together with some friends on Tuesday, and spending the night at a friend's on Wednesday. I'm babysitting one morning and the spending the day at the barn on Thursday. Anyway...Finals turned out pretty well, although I spent many many hours studying and didn't think I did so well, I ended with a 3.92 GPA for the entire year, which was a nice surprise!! But, so far this summer, I've been really busy. Last week was the first real week of my summer, because 3 days after school got out, I left for Milwaukee for Regionals (horseback riding). I was gone for 5 days, and it was TONS of fun. Not only was the showing part fun, but hanging out with friends was also cool. It was my first Regionals, and I won a champion, so I was very excited about that. I also got a top 5 (the 3 judges pick the top 5 horses/riders in the class, and one is reserve champ. and one is champ. and the other 3 are top 5s) in a big class, which was also exciting. Im not sure when my next show is...we still have to decide which ones we're going to go to. So, that's what I've been doing lately!

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Saturday, June 26, 2004:

Hi!! I haven't posted for a long time...I lost my password...again!! But, now that I found it, I'll be posting more often, but I have to run to the flower store and get some hanging plants or something?? I will be back later to finish this post!

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Saturday, June 12, 2004:

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for so long. I've been pretty busy. I went to Japan a few weeks ago. We stopped off in Hawaii for a weekend on the way. We stayed on Waikiki beach. In Japan, we stayed at a really nice hotel. We were in Osaka. We did a lot of shopping while my Dad was working. We went to a big shopping mall and we went to see a lot of temples and historic sites. There are some different foods in Japan, like horse, whale, squid and whole baby fish. I didn't eat them, but my parents did. I was sleeping by the time they ate the horse. My Dad went to a Japanese baseball game and had a lot of fun. The fans hit their bats together and sang and chanted all the time. At the end they let go of balloons. It was very pretty.

When we went out, sometimes Japanese kids would come up to us and want to have their pictures taken with me or my sister Ali. This picture is of some Japanese first graders (just like me!):

The last day we were in Japan, I got a kimono. This is a picture of my with my Mom and my sister Ali, wearing my new kimono in the lobby of our hotel:

I had a good trip to Japan (except for the plane ride!).

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Saturday, March 06, 2004:

Today I had a really fun day! I had the Gemlines Dance Competition in Faribault. My kickline team, the Sparklers, did really well! We got second place out of eight teams. I was really happy with the results! We danced to the song "Everybody Can-Can" from the movie "Moulin Rouge." The song is also mixed with a real french can-can song, too. Its a really cool dance, and i can't wait until our next competition. Our costumes look really good, but theyre really uncomfortable to wear! they are black with a pink panel in the front with purple criss-crosses. it has a black skirt with purple trim. the only thing i don't like about our dance is that we have to wear fake eyelashes. They feel like you have feathers on your eyes. Theyre really hard to dance in!!! Other than that, though, it was a really fun competition!
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